one life at a time

25. male. recovering addict and would be bodhisattva living on the eastern shore of the beautiful state of maryland.

Since all things are naked, clear and free from obscurations, there is nothing to attain or realize. The everyday practice is simply to develop a complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions and to all people, experiencing everything totally without reservations or blockages, so that one never withdraws or centralizes into oneself.

Trungpa Rinpoche

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Thru My Tiny Lens: The Myth of Happiness


The genuine spiritual search is not purely looking for happiness. However, this limited approach is still very prevalent. In this prevailing idea of spirituality, a person who attains realization looks very happy. His is smiling all the time and saying nice things about everybody. When people…




Cigg Seeds

An estimated 10 million Britons still suck down cigarettes faster than a troupe of aging rockers in rehab straining to cough out another hit tune. In the UK, cigarette butts sully streets and parks everywhere. What if this nasty habit could contribute to, rather than subtract from, the beauty of outdoor spaces? Cigg Seeds aim to do precisely that. A variety of smokes outfitted with biodegradable filters that contain wild flower seeds, they sprout and blossom into wildflower meadows when finished and flicked, or deposited on the ground. Butts into blooms. Cigarettes into snowdrops—the floral not frozen variety, to be sure.

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changing people

i heard a really good analogy that helped me with my desire to change other people, especially in the context of relationships

if you were on a walk or a hike somewhere and you saw a flower growing wild and it was the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen, your thought might be to pluck it and take it with so you could look at it whenever you want

you might be happy for a day or two whenever you look at the flower, but it will begin to wither and become ugly and die

the act of trying to own the flower destroys everything you loved about it, so its better to let it grow separate and wild and appreciate it on its own terms

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Depressed and forlorn, when we feel mental anguish,

This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning

Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.

Till now we how deeply disturbed minds of others; 

Hereafter let’s take on this suffering ourselves.”